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Originally Posted by Doc Sk8 View Post
How long did this take??
Hey Doc, sorry for my absence.
you have no idea, Doc.. way too much improvisation and time...

unfortunately, i have damaged some of my bearings far too much. 3 bearings are gone. this what happens when there is dirt and u continue skating but at least it wasn't done on purpose but ignorance.

cleaning itself easily took hour+ , i decided to re-assemble the next day.

i had no choice, my bearings were so messed up. this is the only way to thoroughly clean them. dunking your bearings into solvent without removing all the parts is like just having a mouth wash liquid, without brushing teeth.

after bearings assembly done, it was still not smooth, at higher speeds, the bearings just get clustered, losing momentum. it was long before i discovered, changing the 7 ball to 6 ball was the best solution, so i did those with the spare retainers that i have.

i spent hours and hours, even up to 2am and gave up for the next day.

here's where all the problem started:
notice the red sealers on my bearing picture. there are some logo/wording sticking out from them. and these particular sealers get in contact with my frame once the wheels are in. so no matter how fast, the sealers contact the sides, u slow down.

this was the reason i eventually removed the sealers on 1 side in the first place. then all the dust entered and wrecked it.
it took much time to change from 7 ball to 6 ball, then i had to change the sealers. recycled from other bearings. was thinking of many ways but the solution was easy.

its going good so far now... phew.. finally solved it. all the problem started was from these pesky seals.
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