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Dont roll feet side by side. Stagger them, one in front, one slightly behind.
Mort is right; this is THE basic technique for skating outdoors. Even the basic position distributes your weight so you don't hit obstacles all at once, and as Mort says, once you get more accustomed to it, you'll also be able to shift your weight in all sorts of ways to avoid ever more stumbles.

My tip to myself would be "Wear wristguards".
Ouch! Wrists can definitely take a pounding, whether you fall forward or backward (and unlike indoors, there's less slide to absorb the forces). I hope your wrist gets better soon!

I wear wrist and knee guards and a helmet outdoors; I am in the same situation as you injury-wise with my left knee, in that it has had bursitis now for nearly two years (injury May 2014, I didn't really follow up medically, second injury June 2015 and bursitis confirmed with x-ray six weeks post-injury) and I am not sure if it will ever recover fully. Both times skating without knee guard, both times hitting a rock while gliding on one foot, first time outdoors and second time indoors. And I am sure I would have hurt my wrists without the wrist guards; my old guards when I got rid of them were a sight to behold, the plastic was almost worn through with scratches. I am even considering longboard slide gloves for some skating routes to avoid the lacerations/asphalt burn to my hands AROUND the guards. I also feel that the sliding action would help to disperse some of the momentum from a fall when skating fast, however I'm also worried it might compromise the natural ability to use your hands to protect your head/jaw if you are really in danger of falling "flat on your face". (Jaw fractures are also nasty beasts...)

Helmet is simply because, while I feel they're less common in skating than knee/wrist injuries, head injuries are nasty to behold and to experience. Ice skating since age 14 and then roller the last few years, I have seen this happen (and heard it - skull on ice or concrete, not a nice sound) and also known people who have been through them due to other causes. Just upgraded to the Nutcase bike/skate helmet because their 64cm size is the only one that actually properly fits my ginormous cranium.

I hope your wrist gets better! Let us know if you get back to outdoor skating or have any more questions!
"You're bending your knees too much." - my coach
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