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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
Ah, the only perpetual motion couple on the planet(hopefully), I digress, urethane sucks energy, more urethane sucks more energy, and if you think that the wheel squishes giving you more "purchase" and rebound.... multiply the energy loss by two, and then add bearings that aren't optimal, gosh, now you're going backwards.

Obviously, it seems wheels are like art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if the eye thinks perpetual motion is at play, or...the moon is tooo full, let's back up, look at weight and quality of build, and weight, well, if you insist that you surf the urethane between yourself and the hub and it accelerates you, I'm thinking your eyes are influenced by a blue moon, and your opinion is suspect
Your a fool man. Not one person here is talking about perpetual motion or any nonsense associated with it.

Even if we made a machine to accurately display the benefits of a proper outdoor wheel which requires more urethane than an indoor wheel, youd come up with some ridiculous ignorance about ants in africa or some crap.

It shouldnt be hard to understand compressive waves and how a thicker urethane can sustain a higher rotational speed with less rolling resistance because the urethane is not working at its maximum potential. Its not squished to the limits. This is what is going on in heliums vs atom poisons. Both have similar ridges inside the wheel, however theres almost no room netween the od of the wheel and the od of the hub for the urethane to deal with the compressive waves. Ontop of that the large hub on the roll line wheel has (or should) more ridges in the wheels hub. This is like the urethane hitting lots of square bumps. Just because the ground is flat does not mean the inside of the hub is.

In effect, since you dont understand urethane and polymers. .., your expecting a spring that is stretched to its max to perform well as its stretched beyond its physical capabilities. Divining boards, trampolines or any device that is capable of storing energy has a prime environment for maximum efficiency. Roll line wheels are WAY behind the curve here. Its ok to be in the dark, just stop talking out your ass if you dont understand.

Wheels are not like art. They have defineable characteristics, and performaces. Roll line heliums fall short of many peoples expectations. Get some better wheels and you'll figure this out, like some atom poison slims or atom road hogs, maybe get off those lame tennis courts since you dont seem to have a concept of "outdoor" skating.
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