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Originally Posted by ursle View Post

BTW, mort you bought a set of helium's and hated them why did you buy three more sets?
I paid 54.75$ shipped for a set last month, and IMHO are a great wheel, and the company that makes them exists because people agree, they know what they are doing, as I recall, the hydrogen-helium wheels are the only urethane wheels they produce, the rest are plastic or mixtures of plastic and urethane, but the hub is spot on, and you-all hate them because they are throw away(short life), well, move on.
The hubs are great, super snug fit, i was happy upon putting bearings in them, until I rolled them that is.

I paid abour 45$ per set, for 2 brand new sets, and about 20$ per set for 2 pairs of used ones which were almost brand new. I bought the used ones for other skaters in the derby leauge to have a dedicated set of "outdoor" wheels. So they were resold basically at cost, same with the new ones, i have 1 set left my daughter hasnt tried yet, once she does and notices the difference between poisons and those heliums she'll not what "her set" either.

Granted she weighs about 50lbs less than I do, but I have other very experienced skaters in her weigjt range that have tried them and hated their performance indoors and out.

Now I ignored the other banter you always do, it never gets anywhere ezcept repeating the same things and you failing to understanf things

, but really , either try poisons, or wait for a review from me getting these road hogs in. I bought a set earlier today. Ill let ya know how they compare to the other wheels i have used this far outdoors.

I have several places I skate that have varying terrain. Ill give a review.

Atom poisons with spacers weighed in at 130.5G for the wide verson, narrow would be about 112 id guess.
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