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Using a good solvent is probably do a better job but I do not like to deal with most solvents because of the odor or the effect they will have on the skin, so I clean my bearings using an ultrasonic cleaner filled with WD40. WD40 acts as a degreaser and the ultrasonic cleaner gets any particles out. After that, I blow the bearings with compressed air and allow any oil to dry out. I also remove, clean and reset the bearing retainers during the process. Then I put a drop of speed cream on each bearing. This has worked well for me. I usually clean my bearings a week before each competition and at least once every 6 months. I have been able to maintain the condition of my bearings for over 20 years. I am more surprised that my $12 ultrasonic cleaner from over 20 years ago is still working today.
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