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Default Should be no problem.

Originally Posted by arbrock10 View Post
Hey Doc,

While browsing Arius Platinum pics, I've seen skaters with 4 mounting bolts on each boot and other skaters with 6 mounting bolts on each boot.

All were mounted to leather-sole skates.

I'd love to shed the weight of 4 extra bolts. Would I be sacrificing something by leaving the 2 Arius middle mounting holes un bolted?

I want to use M4 sized Titanium Grade 5 bolts with t-nuts to mount the Arius plates to Solaris boots.

I weigh 155 lbs., skate recreationally indoors, never very aggressively.

As long as you baby the Arius, you should have not trouble. Derby, use all 6. Just keep an eye on the action. It wears rather quickly. Taking it down and cleaning the axis pin and bushings a couple of times a month will minimize the issue.

OK Marshall, I know you are itching to add your 2 cents worth. Fire away.
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