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Originally Posted by arbrock10 View Post
Good to hear.

Since I'll only use the 4 slotted holes, would the plate be able to be micro adjusted by sliding the plate forwards or backwards after loosening the mounting bolts?

Pretty much the way it works. Just make sure you keep an eye on the screws. They can back out and fall on the floor. Not cool.

I'll order split sized 9-1/2, 9 boots. I assume I'll want to adjust the plates to fall under the space between the ball and big toe pad of each foot instead of both being lined up an even distance from the heel.

That would be exact science for that mounting style.... Of course, you do have to take toe length into consideration when doing it that way. You are aware the difference in length between a 9 and a 9.5 is a whole 0.167"?? I run 8 1/2 lt and 9 rt. I have yet to be able to tell enough difference to make it worth sorting out the difference. YMMV

(Not asking you to discuss short forward mount. I've read and re-read your posts on that topic until my eyes were bleeding.)

Eyes bleeding?? Seriously?? It is not that complicated.
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