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Default Foot pain caused by flexible plates?

Hi Doc,
Still loving the Snyder Royal plates you put on my old 295 boots. But after a half a year of using them weekly, I'm starting to develop foot pain. It is at the ball of the foot, behind the toes. It starts after about an hour. If I take them off for 15 min, it gives me another 30 min of skating before the pain comes back. The strange thing is it's usually one foot, but it varies between the two! I do skate fast, and do speed skate at the end of the night. But by then the pain is burning.

I've tried green neoprene insoles, and some white standard ones. These boots are tight, my toes are at the very end.

I've progressed to the second softest cushions on the trucks. I use them just snugged down. I'm just guessing here - could the super wobbly trucks be causing foot pain? I'm 54 years old, in good shape.

The times I've gone back to more stiff plates on other boots, XK-4s, the pain doesn't come on at all, or much less. I'm just guessing that my toes are gripping when I'm in a super loose plate. Any other ideas.
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