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Originally Posted by Mystralhawk View Post
Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly Doc.

So I believe my feet on a Brannock is a size 9 (I wear size 9 Clark Desert Boots but 8.5 Red Wing Iron Rangers). I ended up getting a size 10M because when I got a size 9M BK, my big and second toes would curl at the end even in derby stance. Unfortunately Vanilla no longer offers a half size, so I went a full size up. They dont feel uncomfortable and I don't appear to have a substantial amount of space in front of my toes.

OK The Brannock also has a width and arch measurement. Those are very helpful besides the actual size.

I'm using the same Falcon plates.

I am attaching some photos of the plate mount here:

Uh pretty ugly in my book.

The Antiks are mounted differently. But from what I understand, it may be also because the sole and shape of the Antiks are different from the BKs.

Yes the BK soles are different, no the rules do not change because of it. What happens is the finished mount looks funny but they sk8 fine.

Really appreciate the help Doc!

No sweat, Drop me a PM
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