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Default Lemme tell ya a story...

When I got into sk8ing @ 47 years old, I sk8ed every Friday night, Saturday morning and Evening. Did not matter what sk8s I had on, my legs hurt. Took over year to get through it. Then one day I'm rolling along and noticed the pain was gone and it has never come back. Oh I'm 66 now. YMMV.

If you think the action is the issue, try this: purple barrels and blue cones. Unfortunately, the yellow SG Supers have not been real true to the design point of 78A. I have found that by going with the purple barrels and blue cones one gets essentially the action of the yellows but better push from the purple barrel. Of course that is assuming the yellows are in spec.

Sorry Tee nuts are something I use to mount sk8s with. There are no nuts or broke off mount screws w/ a tee nut mount.

Anyway, what you description of sk8 rest sk8 tells me is it may be you using muscles you have not used much before. Shoot me a PM This may take more than some forum chit chat to solve.
"The difference between good skates and great skates comes from knowing where to get the numbers."
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