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Originally Posted by fierocious1 View Post
I'm wondering about having wider hubs and less lip hanging out unsupported. If the urethane is not supported, how can it really much grip? It would not be forced to do work if it has very little pressure on it form not being supported.

Not the gripping part when rolling straight.

I know that the lips help if you are not putting your feet down flat, the pressure is at an angle(since the hub is at an angle it actually does support) and the lip works to settle the wheel as it comes down by gripping at an angle.

Also helps minimize break way when rolling a non responsive action through the corner. Wheels w/ no lip are essentially gone as soon as the edge of the tire is asked to carry the whole load.

Then as the wheel contacts and fully contacts the floor the lip really becomes inactive. My theory at least.
Pretty much. Although I have never had access to any hubs that are out to 42mm I have rolled plenty that I have trimmed the lip off of. I don't notice much difference, but then my action is always loose enough I really never get on to the lip only.
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