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Wink Thoughts?? Sure do it all the time.

Originally Posted by DreadRat View Post
Hi, I'll try to keep this short cos I'm sure you're busy

I try to slow down once in a while. Lets' see if I can stay awake long enough to slog thru this.

I currently skate Bont leather hybrid (size 4) on a Mag Avenger (size 0) usually blue SG cushions (barrels and cones), trucks only just snug on the cushions, not squished. I've had this setup for 4yrs altho cushions haven't always been this soft.

So try this. Put purple barrel cushions on the sk8 instead of blues barrels but leave the blue cones alone. I find all blues seem to suck up too much of your push.

I've also until recently skated a size 4 AR1 (pre 2015) on size 1 Al Avenger, which I loved at first but always came back to the Bont.

Kinda heavy wasn't it??

The extra length of plate was interesting but toe box issues with the boot made experimenting hard. 3 toenails gone in one year and I'm not a jammer, lol

Bad fitting boots will screw up anyone's toe nails... Not fun @ all.

I play derby but specifically wanting to tighten up all my footwork. Better/smoother weight transfers, side surfing into backwards on one foot, I use my edges a lot and love the manoeuvrability of my skates but feel like trying other options. I'm also keen to work more on Jam/dance skating.

Try those purple barrels.

I'm wondering about a bit more stability or a longer plate ( at least I'd like to try the difference).

You can solve that one real quick depending on how your current sk8s are set up. Scrounge up a pair of size 1 Avengers. Use the same front mount holes and drill 2 more 10mm further back for the rear screws. If the standard Bont mounting hardware was used it should be real easy.

Platewise, I'm intrigued by the Arius but don't think it's going to give me the differences I'm after plus the price is a bit much for an experiment.

I'll be blunt. The Arius is a slug when it comes to maneuverability. Your Avengers will spank it's a$$ no problem. Yeah they are lighter than Avengers but I prefer maneuverability over light weight any day. (Yes I own and sk8 both so this is not someone just talking).

Mota Boss,

Not a bad plate for sure. Essentially it's a Lugino Falcon, but it is what it is.

SG Avanti,

Kinda heavy from my view point. Lot of the local ladies use them in the bowls however.

and pilot falcon

Note my comment above. The Boss and the Falcon are the same plate essentially.

are all interesting but I'm wondering with the Avanti that going from 30* to 10* might be too much dumbing down.

Well I would think the slower action would be a bit of a challenge.. Have ya looked @ a Bont Athena?? 20 is a good center point. I like mine.

I was thinking new boot, Mota

Any boot that required a block to simulate a heel is xed off my list immediately.. OK for prototyping but not a good production choice. Honestly, the boot looks like an inline shoe to me. I have seen 4 pair in action. 1 had been returned for adjustment ~ 7 times before they figured out she wanted no heel.. That sk8r really like them now, but c'mon I really think one could do better out of the box. Another one 3 people have tried on one pair here and no one can wear it due to the high arch. The other 2 seem to be OK but neither sk8r is real experienced. Oh I run my boot heels as flat as possible.

or Solaris

I like my Solaris. Seems to fit well and the tight heel is great. HOWEVER...One of my customers says folks in the league he refs for are having stretching issues. Not seen it locally yet, but it might pay to watch out.

but I really have no real complaints with the Bonts. Ive sorted lacing (under plate and behind heel) so my heel stays put altho is be nice to be able to lace more normally, lol .Can you give a comparison of the new heel on the Bont hybrid vs the older one?
Perhaps a new Bont hybrid is my best option (maybe carbon this time)
The internet isn't giving me much definitive info on Bont hybrid changes.

The newest Hybrids have an Achilles pillow @ the top of the heel to hold your ankle in. Did you heat mold your boots?? That is one of the ways to make the heel tighter. That and the toe guard makes the boot feel tighter in the toes.

I'm in NZ so trying on skates is hard, especially when you have wee feet like me.

Uh I have 2 adult sk8rs that are Bont 2.5s..

All the boys


and parts I've mentioned are available here but I'm not against importing if you have other suggestions.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far.
Yippee I made it. My suggestion/s. First see if you can dig up a size one Avenger pair. I think you would find it most enlightening.... and play with you cushions. As far as the stability thing, I'm not into that, but then again, I'm not have someone trying to knock me to the other island when I'm sk8ing either. Second. Look into the Bont Athena. I think it may be the best bang for the buck in weight and maneuverability.

Good luck.
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