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When learning to skate, you have to be patient and practice on 1 thing at a time. YouTube videos are good but only focus on the videos that address what you want to learn. Getting comfortable going forward then backwards is a good start. Then learning to transition from front to back is good. After that, transitioning from back to front. Then backward crossovers and so on. Even after this practice balancing on your toes because it'll help your balance and your all around skillset increase. This is what I did but it didn't take me long because I learn very quickly. Don't rush it or you could get hurt. Last night at the rink one of our skate guys broke his ankle trying to do toe toe spins. I tried to tell him to start off balancing on his toes, then maneuvering on his toes, and then learn heel toe spins but he didn't listen and now he is out of commission for a while. Be patient, practice and you'll progress properly.
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