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Originally Posted by mtroyer View Post
Thanks so much! After I posted my issue, I learned that Riedell created a new boot, the Solaris, Im sure youve heard of it. Its obviously not cheap, but I was leaning towards giving it a try along with the PowerDyne nylon Reactor, same geometry as the Reactor and ProLine, but much cheaper. Not expecting to drop $400 on a pair of outdoor skates, but curious if the Solaris lives up to the marketing material...
The Solaris C/AA last means it has a tight heel. Only a couple around here playing derby. Mine got bought. Not bad and probably worth the money.

The Fuse is recommended to be used w/ 62mm or smaller wheels. Most of the good outdoor wheels are 65mm and up.

I am amused by the toe stop claim. I have yet to see a inserted plastic plate that the insert and stop would not pull out of. Even a OG Laser hard nose.

Same geometry as a Pro Line?? Yeah the Pro Line art plate was 10.. The speed plate was 5. That said, I recollect measuring a Reactor @ 5 @ one point in time. I don't much trust advertising anymore. You know..."Trust but verify."??
"The difference between good skates and great skates comes from knowing where to get the numbers."
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