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Originally Posted by aishabear View Post
I am looking for a wheel that is 62MM fast and smooth but with a lower price tag than the bones super. I want the quality of the bones 103a but a cheaper price. which is a better wheel for a little grip and little slip. and does anyone know the difference from a urethane wheel and a vanathane wheel. Thanks guys for your help.
I think you are grappling with the same wheel issue that everyone deals with at some stage. With so many options, finding something to suit you and your style can be tough. What one person thinks would be ideal for you, may not actually be what you are after.

Back (a long, long time ago in a land a few suburbs away) when I was a speed skater, we used to swap wheels regularly to try other options. If you have people you skate with and they have other wheels for you to try, you can learn a lot even if it a wheel you would never consider.

As for the Vanathane question, I tried to figure this out after your first question, but I have no idea. At a guess it is a particular urethane formulation and/or curing process that one or more of the wheel manufacturers use. Hyper used to have Voodoothane for a range of their quad wheels (cannibals etc) and there have been other 'thane' suffixed proprietary urethane formulations over time.

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