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Originally Posted by zerio View Post
Yup..RIGHT ON!!!

I was doing some searching on the web to learn more about wheels... Italian wheels remain in the top for quad...but I know nothing about Inline wheels.

I believe my best choice is the hardest and biggest wheels, AXEL6.0 spinning are ok? Those are the ones that come with Snowwhite..( I think I made up mind... dont know for how long thou).
The wheels Ive seen on rolabois skates are sorta cream/white and I believe they are totally flat...Hey Rolaboi... perhaps you can give us a hint... I was thinking about one wheel that is slight elliptical not totally flat... not very wide...hardness around 80 (or maybe 84 to support my impacts..over 200lbs) any clue????

Does any one know SKF bearings?? They sied to be the best..Ive been looking for bearing that are very much sealed and need no maintainance...ANY SUGGESTIONS? How about the SKF?? Probably there are other brands am not aware of ...

This is the inline skate I got in mind...
Frame...Snowwhite the top of the line( forget the model)
Boots Belati Piuma (unbeatable price X quality)
Bearings SKF sealed.. suggestions for retailers...and model...
Wheels...( remains unknown... )


Ze Carlos


Carlos i use to use the skf bearings in the 70s and 80s, great bearings but i havent seen them in the usa in years. all bearings need maintenance at some point or other. a cleaning and some oil to keep them from rusting and pitting. we use bones bearings now, the swiss ones. not sure which they use in italy or europe. i know nothing about inline skates or wheels, sorry.

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