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Lightbulb compendicum / vademecum / wiki

I do like the idea of Bill - to stick just a single and locked thread/post with a list of usefull things, similar like the long proven one in the general interest section (to make your first post....)

What i disagree with is the importance of the logs in there. Although this site is named skatelogforum I mostly appreciate the use after the previous virtual city askaboutskating: let people ask questions and find answers.

The logging part may be interesting to a group of inmates - to share their daily things and brag about, but the other topics are more of the " how to" kind.

So my list would be:
  • Increasing Overall Skating Speed
  • Heart Rate Training
  • Best Gym Workout for Skating Muscles
  • different types of injury discussions (foot pain, ankle pain, shin pain, blisters, are often discussed!)
  • Gadgets
  • Nutricion

what surprised me in the working of the forum that a sticky thread keeps on top of the list even on page 2, 3 etc. so it's kinda super-sticky. that counts even more to make just one single thread to stay up there, as almost a menu item. a list would flood the page on small resolution computers and hide half the forum....
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