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Originally Posted by Greenetuckian View Post
I have to scan in a pic that goes with the girl's skate and am planning a seperate thread about these but I thought I would go ahead and put this shot up here. These belong to my parents, they met at the roller rink in Bicknell, IN in 1951. The girls skates are Chicago brand with Hyde boot and were purchased in the summer of 51, mom believes the wheels are original.

The man's skate belong to my dad, they are marked Roller Derby Official. Dad is unsure of the exact year of purchase but knows it was before he joined the Navy in 1945.

I have been working to restore and preseve these skates, the last time they were used was in the early to mid 1970s.
i have the same skaate i will try to get pic of them today.well there not mine but my granddad and grand mothers
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