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I am told these are from around 1963 and my grand dads new skates. wheels are figure-dance command 8
plates Douglass-synder custom
boots Betty lytle from hyde

1940's grandmothers
boot goodyearmely hyde
plate cleavland skatemaster
wheels no clue

1970's moms

synder imperial

For all you in-line skaters i have no clue on the year but i have to say aronund 1500's lol
best ever built BEB skate co.chicago

and also the aggressive in-lines

Zero mfc.

i also have a few more but the camara died ill get them tomarrow
Riedell 295,Synder Figure Imperial Lite, Grease 95a,Fafnir Bearings
Riedell 695,Atlas E-97/s, Roll-Line 95a, Fafnir Bearings
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