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Originally Posted by bnumerick View Post
Yeah the first few miles were actually much better than I was expecting from driving on it the day before.

The bussing issue is something they know about, same with porta potties, etc. I expect any issues that happened this year will be ironed out next year. I think they may stick to the same course next year too. I get that feeling because getting the full marathon along the river was one of the reasons they moved it and it turned out skating on the bike path for just under 4 miles was surprisingly nice.

Also this was probably one of my favorite courses I've skated on. That along with the big payouts, especially relative to it's size, make it a no brainer for me next year. It's interesting that a much smaller race than Duluth you can walk away with more prize money, they pay more placements, they charge half as much, have a similar point 2 point course, and still have money to donate to charity. Makes you wonder what Duluth is doing wrong.
How wide was the bike path? Did it effect the racing at all? I want to try to get skating added to a health and fitness festival here that involves a marathon foot race, starting small with a 10k. If it went to the level of a marathon, it would be a sight to sight race that would use a lot of bike trails that are pretty narrow and wouldn't allow a lot of racing.
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