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i use white lithium grease. It works really well.

All greases have a break-in period of aobut 100 miles in whcih they will perform marginally slower than an oiled bearing. After that time, the greased bearing will be virtually as fast as an oiled bearing for all but the most advanced racers.

Don't apply too much grease. See Nettracing's website for greasing a bearing, and he has pics of factory applied grease, whcih serves as a standard by which we can guage how much to be aiming for.

Every year, about this time, i take a couple of sets of bearings and service them then lube with grease- there's just too many times at this time of year when i hit wet patches on the trail, so a more impervious barrier is needed.

I wouldn't use this lube in a race, but for training it is great.
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