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Default New Outdoor Quad Skating Subforum (set up August 2009)

OK, I have waited more than a half year for an Outdoor Quad Sub-Forum.
It still has not happened, so here goes the Outdoor Only Quad Thread.

The Idea is to cover most of the same topics as the main Quad Forum, but exclusively from the perspective of skating OUTDOORS.

- Show us pictures of your Outdoor Quad Skates
- Talk about your favorite Outdoor Quad wheels, and any new wheels discovered
-What are the priorities for building good outdoor Quad skates?
-How to build your own Quad Outdoor skate using athletic shoes.
-How much do your outdoor skates weigh?
-What bothers you most about Quads outdoors, and how to solve this.
-Dealing with bearing issues for Quads Outdoors

I'm sure many other good Quad Outdoor topics will also be posted.

Maybe if we can reach 1000 posts here, we can finally have our own sub forum, instead of just a huge thread. At least we will start to have all the important Outdoor info in one place. Then when new Outdoor skaters arrive at SLF, they can focus on one main thread to get up to speed.

I am going to be consolidating & re-posting here many of my more useful OUTDOOR Quad posts from the past. Sure hope it doesn't end up with my posts being the only ones here!

If this grows large, as I hope it will, having so much in one thread will be a challenge, but we can all take our search skills up a notch to handle it I'm sure!

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