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Default Emphasis: Equipment or Experience?

I made my Bones as an outdoor quad skater 29 years ago, and though I now skate rinks as much as or more than outdoors, consider myself an outdoors man at heart.

Funny, I've never really dealt with the consensus here about equipment: forward mount, long plate, low-top boots, even sluggish plate action. I just skate with what I have, which has always been an art setup. I've never had problems with that, but perhaps have become hyper conscious of road debris.

Anyway, my point is that I think there is a dimension to outdoor quad skating besides tuning the equipment for the special surface conditions. My belief is that there is a different type of experience and mindset among outdoor quadders versus outdoor inliners. Ditto indoor quad/inline.

Maybe it is that outdoor quad skaters take a more leisurely approach than the inline people? Certainly, I've never gone very fast when skating outdoors. If I find a sweet stretch of pavement, I'll let loose, but mostly I like to explore and enjoy the scenery while at the same time making my trips an errand that accomplishes something.
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