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Originally Posted by Dave Morgan View Post
Sounds like Washington has got something going on. Good stuff! It is clear that you have intensity for your workouts. It would be easy to call the workout toast with short loops. What is the motto for Washington? It seems that the Northwest and the Southeast is where all the skating mojo is these days. Giving Florida a run for the title of most intense skaters. Good stuff!
"Alki" Native American for "bye 'n' bye" or more formally "hope for the future". I guess the last applies to the whomping I've been giving myself these past six months. There are some really good trails in the Seattle-Tacoma area but I and mvirtue are on the other side of Puget Sound. Not a lot of skating venues apart from local parks and my one little piece of pavement attatched to what's essentially a nature trail. Our one training "killer" is the McDevelopment: an upscale (500K - 1M $) planned housing area built around a golf course. Good pavement and golfcart wide shoulders. Measured off with Mark's Garmin @ 5.6mi. It's all hills and grades and really pulls it out of me. I wish we'd gotten some elevation changes when we were checking it. I haven't been able to do more than five laps straight on it yet and those are 30min+ laps. I guess it did something for me as my long distance times improved dramatically.
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