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Originally Posted by Code Monkey View Post
Hey how do you like skating on 5x80s? That is what I skate on and after doing that for awhile I have gotten on the 100s and without question for me I love the 5x80 setup. Not only my feet can tell a difference but ankles, legs, and lower back. Of course I am no where near the shape you guys and gals are in but I'm working on it.
I only wish I could avoid skating on trails crossed by traffic. I definitely need work on my downhill stopping skills. I LOVE the 5x80's, I have never gotten such even wear out of my wheels on any other set-up, and the wheels never feel like cement, if they ain't rolling it's because I'm not putting out the effort. On the flats I don't think I care much one way or the other, but with the hill climbing, testimony of friends and associates will tell you I eat hills faster on 5x80 than any other yet tried configuration. The problem now is that Napalm wants her 5x80 rails back because she can't keep up with me. I'm going to have to go back to 88's for a little spell and let her try the 5x80's again, and if it turns out that she actually feels better in them I'll have to buy another set of frames. I'm still counting on you being in the A2A with me, Napalm is adamant about only doing 38 and I'd hate to have to go it alone for the other 49 miles. JB
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