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I can't compare to other frames that are 5x80 but I use the Mogema crosstrainer 5x80 frame. Yesterday I went out for a late night skate with my new training partner and she has a speedometer on her bike and we did twenty miles on concrete. It isn't smooth concrete but it is very nice. The point is I can do it and this morning I did my usual ten without any problem. Now I hurt a little because when I chase the bike I skate a lot faster but I have no foot problems or ankle problems. I was told that the Mogema crosstrainer frame is very good if not the best at absorbing road shock which is very fatiguing (something to consider since you are going to insanely skate 87 miles). Check with my bud I think he has the best price. Bearings... get the best you have a long way to go!!! I drove 90 miles the other day in my Grand Marquis and that wasn't easy. 87 miles!!! And I think I am kickass because I can go out and skate twenty, to you guys that's butter. Next year what I want to talk to you about is going to Idaho and skating that trail. The thing I don't like about the A2A is you skate with car traffic. Don't forget I'm old.
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