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[QUOTE=speedysktr;294]Hi Nightwind, are you new? Some people have changed their names since the reboot. You know who you are, moto !
Indoor practice is indoor speed practice. Check around at your local rinks and see if they have a speed team and what the practice times are and how open they are. Sometimes they have beginner speed practices. Regular speed practices can be a little intense and intimidating sometimes.

Hi, speedysktr! Thank you for your advice!))
Yes, I am new here and I really like this forum and I think I can learn really useful things here! And I am a beginner in roller skating, though I practised figure skating on ice quite a few years ago (but nothing in th way of speed there, as you can imagine!!!).
Unfortunately, we can't practice with our speed teams in Moscow (they are a pretty close community!) So we just ride the streets!
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