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Thanks for the translation speedy. Jessica, I didn't get it either but then I only understand about twenty percent of what speedy says anyway and that is with coffee loading.

Speedy funny you should mention about the coeds because I know of two who also want to join in. And you know what? You actually had a lot to do with it. See I have that picture of you skating behind that cutie with a big smile on your face as you look at the camera, well I can't tell you how many people comment on it. I also have the one with you, Jessica, gless, Napalm and Jon B. Two of my students think you're cute and in a conversation I have told them about the Coure d'Alene trip they're reply was, is he going? I said, I'm pretty sure he is, thinking that was going to kill it all when they both looked at each other and came back with, let's go get some skates this weekend.
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