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Originally Posted by Sonrisa View Post
I do a dumb double-pump but I always wanted to know how to do the 'all 8 wheels on the floor while on the straight track' double pump.

At the moment, when I double pump it's when I skate and I'll push myself forward and I lag my pushing foot to the side and a little behind on the inside edge then bring it back in then back out, shift my weight onto it while I push off with the opposite foot, etc etc.

I can't tell but I think it's lame looking.

Someone tell me how to do the cool 8-wheel double pump! I've always wanted to learn but I've only seen one guy at my rink do it and he can't explain it and I've tried to figure it out on my own, but.... well... I can't.

I'm not sure the dble pump you speak of is the same movement that i have tried to described ,It would be virtually impossible with 4 wheels let alone 8
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