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Originally Posted by xlracer View Post
Hey Richard, I will always personally adress you by your first name. But I just like to show respect to people that do deserve it. In my world guys like you and Dick have all of my respect.
Never ment to make you feel like an old man....even though you were running C&L when I was skating Freshman Boys.

Ok Tracy, mucho gracias, and a tip of this ole cowboy's hat to you young fellow. Let's you and I address Dick as "SIR or MISTER" because we both respect his age, since he is older than DIRT! Dick when were you born, sometime in the 1800's???

We have to ration his beers, or he will fall down too easy......

Dick thanks for yoru posts on the SS website. They should stir up some sleepers to respond.......

Brikkee, be kind to your Dad, Fathers day is just round the corner you the way, was that Japanese skate magazine in English or Japanese? Never did see one of those.....

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