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Originally Posted by xlracer View Post
Sorry this picture is so small.

I wish the photo also listed the other two skaters.
Dick do you know who they are?
I can answer that for you.

The photo was taken at the end of the 1959 World Congress Roller Skating Championships, held at the King Edwards Barracks Roller Rink, Christchurch, New Zealand, Jan 2-10, 1959, at the end of the events when they awarded overall winners.

That is John Drewry, USA on the top of the platform, 1959 World Congress Champion, 2nd place Ian McPhee of NZ on the left, and Charles Wahlig, USA 3rd place on the right. Others not shown, in 4th place Bob Leone NZ, 5th place E. Epsie, NZ and in 6th place Richard Edwards, USA.

Prior years RSROA US National Sr Mens Speed Champions:

1958: Richard Edwards
1957: Charles Wahlig
1956: Earl Wilmot
1955: Earl Wilmot


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