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07 - 31 thru 08 - 06
Tue. 08 - 01: No skating … dental work $440+. Sheeesh !! the wheels and bearings I could have bought with that!!!

Thur. 08 - 03: AM Back the McDevelopment for more Hills and Grades. Four laps / 22.6 mi. in 2hr 4min. Lap times: 30, 31, 31 and 31. Lap 4 adjusted to 31 for a pit stop. Overall average was 10.935mph inclusive of stop; with adjustment: 11.024mph.

Sun. 08 - 06: Easy day… AM drive to Kent to do the Soos Creek Trail with the south Seattle group.
PM: Session skate w/# 1 son & family and mvirtue and Madeline.

08 - 07 thru 08 - 13
Tue. 08 - 08: AM: Working hills and grades at the McDevelopment. Increased distance by one lap for a total of 5 for 28 miles. In 2hr 41min /
10.43mph (including one pit stop). Lap times: 30, 30, 31, 33, 37. That last lap nearly wasted me. We’ll see what happens Thursday morning.

Wed, evening: Laps in Evergreen with mvirtue...first time I've had my low cuts on since early July. 'Still working the break in.

Thur. AM: Out to McDevelopment, spotty windshield on the way but dried off. Geared up, warm up in parking lot...spotty pavement?!! then wet pavement. Decided on the better part of valor and called it a recovery day.

PM: Session skate, quads only.

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