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Unhappy Say it's not so???

Originally Posted by rwsz View Post
thanks for the info Ray, kind of like i thought, at least they are smart enough to know not to over push it. reality and age make a huge difference, singles is really a young mans sport. not that you cant do it but 2 axles and triples are tougher after the age of 40 or 50. although i know some 40 year olds that can still do triples, but they never really stopped skating fully.

i wish them well also.
Say it's not so, Double Axels, and Triples are only for the younger set??? And I was so looking forward to unleashing a Triple Toe, flat backed of course, one day soon... So you are trying to tell me that 70 is too old for free style!!!

Come on Rick, say it ain't so!!!

Ray Ninness
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