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I got in two skates on the street and boardwalk while visiting in Margate City. I was going to skate the boardwalk from Ventnor to Atlantic City but it was a little rough, crowded, etc. There was also a cross county run taking place on the boardwalk. Middle school age? It had traffic blocked but while I was watching it a fellow (Bob?) saw my SkateLogForum shirt and started talking to me about inliining. He was going to skate the Prospect Park Marathon the next Saturday. He told me of the trail Julie referred too and I saw it driving to the golf course. I didn't skate it because it was on the mainland and required paying a bridge toll each way and a 30 minute drive. So I decided to skate the streets instead. It was like playing Manopoly - Atlantic, Ventnor, Pacific Aves., etc. Nice area but the streets were a little rough. My last skating on the trip was some streets near Mt. Vernon as the trail along the Potomic River was too crowed, narrow and hilly near Washingtons Mansion.

Hopefully my next trip will give me more than a few hours in the D.C. area and I can hookup with Sheldon, Dev and the area skaters.

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