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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
It cuts to where a boy hands the ball to someone, no clue how long he was there or if they talked or not.

Ambiguity much? How about a full video and not propaganda
You may have a point questioning the video. But, I think, for the wrong reasons.
If I am correct, this scene played out at the ESPYs.

The actual first problem is, how does a street urchin kid, hispanic, in jeans and a T-shirt get into a room that is clearly black tie.

This had to be some kind of set up. Given ESPN's love for all things Gay, I doubt it was a set up that was designed to make Rapinoe look bad. But it did.

Hey, Rapinoe, we're gonna trot a kid in for a publicity shot. Sign the ball.
Can you b*tch and moan about full context. Sure. But look at their expressions and body language. That clearly says they could not give a SH*T about the kid in front of them, or the ball she signed.

Her indifference could not be more obvious. Make a fool of yourself and tell me she would have treated a girl with a soccer ball that badly.
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