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Originally Posted by zebra1922 View Post
There is no before or after video to show if this clip is out of context, but even if it is not, she still signed the ball.

The context was clear. This was a setup. A kid off the street in a room of adults in black tie.

Give the woman a break, a great soccer player who you should be celebrating as an icon for soccer, women and the LGBTQ+ society.
No, I won't give the woman a break. Dykes are the worst. Always so self centered. This woman represents the worst of humanity.
Tens of thousands of men and women have given their lives so that a country like the United States could exist.
No human alive can disrespect our flag and anthem, and then turn around and expect any kind of respect or consideration in return. Least of all some egomaniac dyke who has benefitted nicely living in the US.
When she does her protest, she asserts that she is more important, and better than all that have come before. And that those that died did so in vain. She is nothing more than a vomitous mass.
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