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Originally Posted by zebra1922 View Post
Do you agree in the right to freedom of speech? Do you in agree in the right to freedom of protest? What is so wrong about choosing not to sing an anthem of a country you feel oppresses you because of your sexuality or race?
You can do whatever you want to. On the sidewalk, when you are NOT on the job. If you cooked burgers at Burger King, do you have the right to protest burger king during your shift? No. You'd get fired. Could you protest Burger King when you were off shift. Well, yes. You'd have a right to, though you'd likely get fired for not showing any sort of support for your employer.

When you are at work, your freedoms are limited. What you do, what you say are limited while you are at work. Freedom of speech my azz. You have all the freedom of speech you want, on you own time. When the stupid football protests were going on, the NFL had an EXPLICIT rule against it. They did not enforce it. People could have been fined into oblivion, or fired.

Making a lie the truth. The Liberal way. No. Not free speech. This is stealing a platform that does not belong to you.
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