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Originally Posted by zebra1922 View Post
Then you have a very different experience to mine Mort. Iíve experienced bullying behaviour from lots of white males, but never from any gay men (%or women).

Do you agree in the right to freedom of speech? Do you in agree in the right to freedom of protest? What is so wrong about choosing not to sing an anthem of a country you feel oppresses you because of your sexuality or race?

The alternative is do you believe people should be forced to sing the national anthem against their will? Would that really represent the land of the free?
It wouldn't matter, discrimination starts when a majority are around a minority. I've had discrimination from just about all types of people, gay, black, white, etc.

The difference with the LBGTQ community is, they only need to know your a "white male" and if you also happen to be "cis heterosexual "? Well now, everything you say is invalid, unless it identically aligns with their opinions.

They cant even keep their anti discrimination in check. Ya know, should not judge against someone for their age, sex, color/race, creed etc...

The tendency of violence against people is a mob mentality trait as well, which goes back to population. Theres plenty of videos out there with people being attacked at events by someone who falls into the LGBTQ culture, so long as if the victims are significantly lower in numbers than the majority violence is immensely more probable

ANTIFA, who do you think the majority of this group is?

As for single to single hate actions , I agree that cis hetero males are top ranking(reguardless of race/ethnicities) testosterone fuels that tendency.
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