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I have never had Antiks on, but have taken a close look at some pairs. Nothing looks bad, people like them. They are a nice "standard" boot.

The Bont, however, is a different animal. Look at the bottom. On most boots there is a 90, or nearly 90, degree angle where boot meets sole. Not with the Bont. The Bont goes from the flat horizontal bottom, and gently curves upward. With, and often even without, heat molding, the bottom of the boot will match the contours of the bottom of your foot.

As for the uppers. On my quad racer leathers, I don't even feel them.

And let's not forget one of my favorite features. The solid, heat moldable heel cup. Many a boot and skater have been done in by heel slippage. Won't happen with a Bont. It is narrow to start, and can be molded narrower still, or wider to suit. NO such thing as heel slip with a Bont. What about counters? You don't need no stinkin' counters! Just that sweet stiff heel cup.

Oh, and let's not forget the supple roo leather. Sweet. The net result is that the Bont cradles and caresses your ENTIRE foot so closely and well, that there are no pressure points. The whole foot is being held in place. Not a tight place here picking up the slack for a loose part there. The whole foot is supported and held in place.

The Bont is truly a little bit different, and many Bont owners would say better, than your "standard" sole and upper style boot.
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