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Originally Posted by JorisKB View Post
Just came back from there. We were only 4 team involved in the Quad Category. You supposedly go on the podium only if there are 10 teams in the category or you are in the first third of general ranking. We were 2 teams able to end in the first third (mine was second), but the organization was kind enough to put the three first quad teams (out of four) on the podium. The quad catogory was only for teams of ten, whereas in Le Mans you can go by team of 1, 2, 6, 10, 12.

There were a lot of other teams including many other quad skaters. no solo (we were 2 last year), but a duo, and many other teams, some mainly with quads, and 1 or 2 inliners.

Inliners were chearing us a lot, especially when they realized how quick we were suprisingly able to be

I think it's important for these events to have quads category especially with the developement of roller derby. Roller derby players open minded on other types of skating are pretty few. These races are mainly a gathering of skaters, no thing realy to win there. And it's nice to welcome derby players in these events by taking the quad specificity into account.

Sadly Le Mans was the same day as 2 major roller derby event in France, so not so many derby players were there.

The team that get the first place was not a derby team (there were 2 derby players among them though), but mostly of long time quad skaters used to the parisian very fast street skating events.
I think a lot of the categories need overhaul.
First, I don't see need for the new Discovery 12 man class. 12, 10, what's the difference.
Endurance should go back to 5 man instead of 6.
Scrap students/enterprise. They are just soft ways to get podiums.
Scrap vet category or at least tighten the rules so that ALL members have to be vets.

Still, I am not really complaining too much. It's about taking part and personal challenge rather than podiums.
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