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Default RSA Tests

Have been thinking about taking the tests but....
There is some weird stuff on there!! Did anyone who actually skated artistic inline make these tests??!! No, I'm not being sarcastic... Check this out: (p.31)

Bronze 4: OF upright.
I have DVD of 2007 Worlds (ladies) an virtually no one is doing OF spins.(Could have missed someone, but if they are done on inline it is extremely rarely.) That is because, for some reason, this edge is extremely hard to do inline. (Not like ice or quads. Something about the inlines makes it nasty!!) Bronze level??!! Don't think so. (Yes, I can do one, but it is extremely hard. Definitely not bronze level stuff.)

or Upright Layback
Are they taking about an ice-style upright layback spin??!! On a "real" edge (not the toestop)??!! Um...didn't see anything like this in the Worlds DVD. Closest thing was this video of Nathalie Bediermann:
So, yes, I guess it can be done, but on a Bronze level test?

Also, (on p.32), from what I can tell. The 2axel is required on Gold Test #9, but the 2loop and 2lutz don't show up until Gold Freestyle Test #10 (along with another 2axel requirement). What??!!! Is this some kind of typo? When did 2axel become easier than 2loop? or 2lutz???? Done them. Trust me. Not easier!!

Does anyone else think this is weird?

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