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I don't care if there is a 50 post to sale rule or not. Just so it's the same for everyone, whatever is decided. But what rule infractions gets one persons post deleted, should get the rest of them doing it deleted too, regardless of how long you have been a member, or how many posts you have. I could see where trying to sort through all this mess and trying to be fair to all could be a real nightmare to administrate though. You could always put forum rules out there on the email when they get their account validated, if you don't already. You probably do that, I don't remember.

I like reading some of the chitchat that goes on in the sales listings too, but I can see where the only way you can be sure it's not being done to bump the item is to not allow replies there at all.

Maybe people that want to sale multiple items could go in the skate shop listings but stay indefinately in their one thread, and have individual listings retire in a couple weeks, and you get to list in one or the other but not both. That way, regular skaters with their one item aren't always competing with the shops and people who constantly buying and resaleing stuff. I don't know, just some ideas.

We do appreciate what you admins do to keep the lights on here! I bet you hear at least 3 complaints to every thank you.
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