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Default Just getting started

Kathie, first off thank you for letting me be a small part of this site. I appreciate the fact that something like this exists.

Being new to this, I actually like the comments others make related to an item listed for sale. I have lost the last 20 years of product knowledge, but I am in awe of the others on this site who have the knowledge I am searching for.

I can see where someone who is well established in the skating world may get frustrated by comments, but those of us who are new really apprecaite the comments - good and bad. We use those comments to make purchasing decisions which adds to our enjoyment of the sport.

Again, thank you and either way I will be a fan of the site.

Originally Posted by Kathie Fry View Post
I'm thinking about making the advertising forum threads "one post only" and requiring that all discussions between buyers and sellers be done via private message or email. Sellers would be allowed to edit the body of their posts to change prices or add information and they could also edit their subject lines and mark items SOLD, but no one (including the seller) could reply to any of the "for sale" posts.

What do you think?

- Kathie
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