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Originally Posted by Myuu View Post
Hmm. I've noticed on a board that I'm a mod at that deleting posts/threads in general tends to baffle the general readership and stir problem users on to greater lows. It may be to your benefit to:

a) Consider locking threads instead of deleting them when they have outlived their usefulness.
b) Delete only posts that are demonstrable and confirmable trolling, rather than the assertions of a particularly immature user
c) Avoid the use of threats--in-thread requests for civility from perceived authority tend to be received well if they are appropriately and consistently enforced.
d) Have a more specific TOS policy outlining what exactly is not tolerated and the resources (namely, trained personnel) to back it up. Compare: Your TOS. Our TOS. By having better established rules and boundaries, it will be easier for users to understand why it was that an action was taken and how it would be carried out in future.
e) Avoid discussing reasons for moderator actions outside of private communications with the offending user. While it may seem necessary to justify an action in a thread or forum to a clearly upset user, it:
...1) ...engages them in further discourse on a matter that was 'settled' by moderator action (which presumably was discussed at length with the problem user before or at the time of a TOS violation), enabling perceived martyrdom, and
...2) ...violates the privacy of the user against which action was taken, encouraging only further ire.

Hope that's helpful.
Nice TOS.
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