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Originally Posted by KMA View Post
I have an appointment for a fitting at Harlick on Thursday. WWWWOOOOOEEEEEE. I can not wait. Then I get to buy plates, wheels, bearings, covers SEDS goes on and on. I also need to make a competition dress. May need new sewing machine.

Mmmmm, Harlick. I miss my Harlick figure skating boots. having said that, my sweetie is going to pony up for Riedell ColorLab figure skate boots & blades for Xmess for me.

Is it SEDS when I'm on the injured list (not supposed to be skating AT ALL) and I keep on buying skate stuff? I'm up to seven or eight sets of wheels and am going to seriously upgrade the plates on my 265 boots since trashing the trucks on my right skate on Halloween...... I have a disease, that's for sure.
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