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Hi campingnut,

The traction feels about the same to me, so I would guess they are similarly coated.
That's Great. Just watch it over Time. Depending on the Coating, Resurface Period, and how well they Maintain them, the Traction might change considerably over time. Thus, the need for using Different Wheels at some point.

I wear all my gear when I skate outside, but I do not wear any protection inside.
Good for you, and OUCH. At some point you're going to Hit Those Knees !

Every time I fall inside, I land on my side...I was thinking of looking into some hip protection (padded shorts?)
That's why I wear a FootBall type UnderPant with the Slip-In Pads (Hip and Tail Bone). Just need to wear a Size Larger Jeans to Accommodate them. These also cover the Volley Ball Knee Pads I wear. I would wear these for OutSide Skating too.

Skate Safe !

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