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My preference is wood then plastic over wood then concrete then any sort of "sport court". Asphalt belongs outside.

Unfortunately I have yet to skate a completely level concrete floor. The little swales and rises can catch a wheel and cause a fall. Until the rink in Somerset got a wood floor there was one place I fell most every time I visited. Hard falls, sucked...

Originally Posted by Skatervideoguy View Post
I carry 5 sets of Wheels when I travel, to accommodate the different Floor Traction's I encounter.
I used to carry several sets of wheels but my Scotts 95-97 Super Ds handle anything thrown at them. So much easier, and I have flips so changing is easy. But I don't need to!

Originally Posted by Skatervideoguy View Post
I wear Knee, Elbow, Hip & Tail Bone Pads - as I have for about 4+ Decades.
No wrist guards? That is the number one injury I see. Knees, elbows and butts don't shatter like wrists.

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