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Default 2007 U.S. Hardball Hockey World Team

The United States selected their 2007 World Hardball Roller Hockey Team the weekend of February 9-11 at a training camp in Salt Lake City. This team will represent the United States at the June 2007 Hardball Hockey World Championships in Montrieux, Switzerland. Congratulations Team USA!

- Josh Englund
- Shane Enlow
- Matt Price
- Jeremy Allen
- Adam Englund
- Shawn Schmelcher
- Nic Robinson
- Dylan Sordahl

- Toby Tagliapietra
- Austin Morhaus

- Michael Trussell
- Sach Zipper
- Jon Trussell
- Allen Davis
- Chris Gibson

Have the world teams from any of the other countries been selected yet?

- Kathie

Note: Outside the United States hardball hockey is often called rink hockey, traditional roller hockey, or ball and cane hockey. It is played on quad roller skates using a ball instead of a puck. It is quite a different game then inline hockey. The players wear very little body protection and there is more fancy footwork and tricky maneuvering then you will see at an inline hockey game.

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