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Aw, Shucks, I really want to hear more about how a wheel without enough urethane to feel a wave "on" isn't a good wheel, even though it's lighter, butt, what does a poison weigh?

I'm excited about getting wheels that will accelerate me just by standing on them and moving in any direction, run it by me again, the urethane pushes back as it moves around and you accelerate? What?
And dinar are ready to take over the world of finance.
And cold fusion is for sale (where?)
And the earth is cooling off (when)
And friction inside a skate boot is good (?)

BTW, mort you bought a set of helium's and hated them why did you buy three more sets?
I paid 54.75$ shipped for a set last month, and IMHO are a great wheel, and the company that makes them exists because people agree, they know what they are doing, as I recall, the hydrogen-helium wheels are the only urethane wheels they produce, the rest are plastic or mixtures of plastic and urethane, but the hub is spot on, and you-all hate them because they are throw away(short life), well, move on.
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