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Stumbled on this thread by accident. Wow, I might have to jump in on this. As to Sebastopol it is say 10 minutes from Santa Rosa. Thanks that something mentioned on this forum is finally sort of close to me. *Note - I am about 1 hr 20 min away but it is still not a problem and I already go that way on some weekends to pick up wine from a few winery owners I know. This is a pretty nice area. As for the weather, etc (Very impt for all to know. It can be 90 degrees in one spot and you can go into a heavy tree area or the fog can roll in and the temp can change by 50 degrees) I have that happen to me when I run and mtn bike in the coastal mountains. I'll give them a call and If I find any useful info out I will post. Thanks to whoever made the orig post
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